About Jilly

I love to cook Nummy things.  I am a huge advocate for family dinner and think it's a huge deal to bring our families back together.  The greatest thing and challenge about cooking is finding the best meals for the best deals and ones that don't take a lot of time.  On my website you are not going to see gourmet meals.  You are going to get meals that are fast, easy, and delicious.  I really love crockpot meals, but they have to be good.  I try all my recipes before I post them, so if my hubby and I like them, then I hope you will too!

I'm a 27 year old stay at home wife from Utah and I love it.  I did Real Estate until I became really ill and almost lost my life.  I wasn't able to eat for over a year, but that didn't mean my husband had to starve.  It was our first year of marriage and I cooked everyday while he was gone.  I wasn't good when I started, but I have overcome my fear and turned it into a love.  I think my husband really loves it too!  My food isn't always the healthiest, but it sure is delicious!  I hope you find some recipes that you like and take them into your family cooking!


  1. Thank you Jilly for this unique website! This is my first visit and I clicked on for the stuffed cabbage rolls and I will be making them tonite? I love your site and I am eager to try lots of your recipes.I am so glad you are sharing the food you and your hubby like in such a fun way. I will be back to try many more of recipes! Thanks again! MIMI

  2. Mimi,
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Let me know how the cabbage rolls turn out. They are a favorite at my house. I would love to hear about all the recipes your try, and if you have any questions just let me know!