Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I a little Tip to Share....Weekly Menu's

So I know how busy it is being the person who provides your family with dinner.  You have to do the grocery shopping, the planning, the prep work, the cooking, and for a lot of you the clean  up.  Since I know what a pain this can be (because it is my job in my little home) I wanted to share one of my tips with all of you.  I have taken this printout and printed it out to the size I want (I put it on a flash drive and took it to my fedex station) and put it into my good old day planner.  Yes, I am still the person that uses the paper day planner and not my iphone.  I know, I know, "get with the times" and all that jazz.  I just know what works for me and I stick with it.  So here is the print out...

Now once you have this printed out, another one of my tips is to make your menu and then your grocery list.  I do this every week and it saves me a ton of money.  I use my coupons if I have any, but other then that I make my menu and then I know exactly what I need to buy at the store to cover every meal.  I also know what I have in my pantry and don't need to buy.

I hope this helps some of you in your quest to become even more amazing then you already are!  Have a Nummy little rest of your week!!


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  1. It seems planning, budgeting, and organizing are a busy homemakers best tricks.