Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bruschetta-5 Different Way

Here is the 1st recipe of a 5 series with Bruschetta.
So I love bruschetta.  I also love really really good olive oil.  I have come across 1 of my favorite olive oil companies and a recipe that will knock yours socks off if you like bruschetta.  I always like to try a little twist to the original fresca one, so here is what I came up with last night.
 Prosciutto, Burrata Cheese, and a slice of fig, on top of a really crusty bagetta, drizzled with rich organic extra virgin olive oil from Olio and Olive, bake that under your broiler and then layer the ingredients on top!!  You will love it!  I will post many more Bruschetta recipes to come!  

I would highly recommend checking out Olio and Olive though!  You can order their sampler and try out all of their amazing olive oils, if that is your thing.  It definitely is mine.  I love to go and just buy a loaf of ciabatta bread and warm it up and dip in EVOO and cracked pepper.  Delish!

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