Sunday, October 16, 2011

Candy Corn Cupcake

This is one of those "so simple its silly" sort of recipes! I found this fun recipe while pinteresting today! I found the pumpkin cupcake recipe here and the idea for the decorative candy corn center here.

See how there is a little frosting candy corn inside?! Its so cute! A surprise center is perfect for halloween!
Best of all- Only just a few ingredients needed!

First for the cupcakes.
It ONLY takes the can of pumpkin and the white cake mix.
Thats right, nothing else. None of the other things like oil or eggs that you would normally add!  Just mix the two together, then spoon it into cupcake liners.

If you can shake it around, and make them a bit less lumpy, that way the thickness wont affect the overall outcome.
Yes it does a bit like baby food at this point.
Now after baking it for the same time as the box. Let it cool....all the way! It is VERY moist, so you don't want it to fall apart when you cut into it.
Then get a sharp knife, and cut into the cupcake at an angle.

Then fill it up with colored frosting! White on the bottom, orange, then yellow! I used plastic bags with the tips cut off to pipe it into the cupcake. (I got so into it...I forgot a picture.)

Put the top back on (cut off a bit of the bottom piece, to make it fit on there right) then put a smidgen of frosting on the top (to cover up where you cut the top off). You don't need must remember it is filled with frosting!
Then add a candy corn- so everyone knows it is special!

 Happy Halloween!!


  1. These are adorable! My kids would love them :)

  2. Ahh thats wicked but man I would love to try it :)
    Take care..

  3. They are so much fun you guys! I think I love them more than the neighbor kids that come over to my house to get treats all the time!