Thursday, July 21, 2011

Savory Tomato and Bacon Cobbler

I know when people think of cobbler they normally think of dessert, and I guess I wanted to challenge that when I came up with this recipe.  I think you can take a dish that is for dessert and change a few things and make it into a main dish.  That is where this recipe came from.  I am really big into using the fresh vegetables out of my garden and that is where these ingredients come from.  So here is my delicious and savory Tomato Cobbler.

For the Filling
1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 onions sliced
4 garlic cloves sliced
3 lbs. Cherry Tomatoes
3 Tbs. Flour
a handful of FRESH Oregano, Parsley, and Basil chopped
1 lb. Bacon, cooked and chopped (you want it crispy)
Pepper to taste

for the Biscuit Topping

2 cups Flour
2 tsp. Baking Powder

1 stick COLD Butter cut into little pieces
1/2 cup grated Swiss cheese
1/2 cup grated Romano cheese
1 1/2 cups Heavy Cream

Make the filling.  Cook bacon in a skillet or oven (however you do it) until cripsy.  Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat.  Cook the onions until caramelized (about 25 minutes).  Add the garlic and cook until translucent (about 3 minutes).  Let cool.  Toss onion mixture, tomatoes, flour, cooked bacon, herbs, and a pinch of pepper.

Preheat oven to 375 F.  Make the biscuit topping.  Whisk together all the dry ingredients plus 1 tsp. salt.  Mix in the butter with your hands until small clumps form.  Stir in the cheeses and cream stirring with a fork until the dough forms.

Grease a 9x13 baking dish.  Put the tomato mixture into the dish and then spoon 7 clumps of the biscuit mixture on top.  Make the dough about 2 inches deep (make each clump about 1/2 cup).  Cover the tomato and bacon mixture.

Brush the top of the dough with a little cream and sprinkle with a little romano cheese.  Bake until the tomatoes are bubbling and the biscuits are golden brown.  About 1 hour and 10 minutes. 

When done, take out of oven and place on a wire cooling rack for about 15 minutes before serving.  Enjoy!!

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